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Read Your Oracle Cards Fluently - Saturday Workshops 2020

On the: 18 April 2020 - £20, book here

  • Learn how to read your Oracle cards much more effectively 

  • See how you can really help others with your Oracle cards

  • Never refer to your Oracle guidebook again!

Join me in this uplifting half day workshop and learn how to read your Oracle cards more effectively. Oracle cards are often Angel cards, Fairy cards or Animal Totem cards - for this workshop, it really doesn't matter which cards you have. I'll show you how to interpret them easily give more effective readings for yourself and more confident readings for others.

Many of you will own a deck of Oracle cards (as opposed to Tarot). Oracle cards gift gentler readings than Tarot and can be extremely positive and uplifting. The problem is that many people get hung up on the meanings written in the guide book which come with these cards and try to learn them. I'll show you how doing this is not helpful and is actually preventing you from moving forward with your reading abilities.

Oracle cards are much more intuitive than the formulaic approach we take with Tarot and in some ways easier. So, if you don't have any Oracle cards - do a search online and find a deck you love/resonate with and then you can learn how to get the very most out of them.

There will be plenty of refreshment here for you, but if you want lunch, please bring your own as we will have a half hour break.

I look forward to welcoming you. So treat yourself to a "selfie" Saturday, learning something new and make some new like-minded friends

WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID...(Based on my Tarot Courses)

"Fantastic workshop, fantastic people - Thank you, Emma, for a fantastic weekend xxx" TR Oct 19

"I spent a wonderful weekend with Emma and a group of like-minded ladies learning the meanings of tarot. it was a thoroughly informative and interesting course run by Emma, who is very knowledgeable and patient. would definitely recommend this and it is something I would happily repeat" MM Apr 19

"A wonderful weekend spent with a group of lovely ladies exploring Tarot...was a perfect balance between benefitting from Emma's expertise and extensive experience combined with practical hands on readings of card spreads. I highly recommend this course to anyone who may be intrigued by Tarot, wants to gain more knowledge of the Arcana of the deck or wishes to become a practicing Tarot Reader..." DM Oct 2018

"Thank you Emma for such a special weekend! I learnt so much, in a very supportive environment, with a lovely bunch of people. Emma's practical, yet sensitive approach to tarot was perfect for me. I am right at the start of my tarot/spiritual journeyand have no idea yet where it will take me, but this has been a fabulous start xx" YH Oct 2018

"I recommend that you speak with Emma if you are looking to learn to read the Tarot Cards! She is a lovely person who makes learning so enjoyable xx." IG Jul 2018

"What an amazing 2 days of learning, Emma is so inspiring in her teaching and gave us all confidence to read for others .....thank you so much xx" DW Apr 2018

"Emma, Feeling inspired by your knowledge, I've really enjoyed it. Thank you xx" DW Apr 2018

"The cards are far more powerful than I expected" MWT March 2018

"Since the course I've been reading for friends/colleagues and doing well as everytime I have found something to pass onto them." SB March 2018


1 Day: 10am - 2.30pm. £20


  • IMPORTANT: You will need to bring your own deck/decks of Oracle cards which might be Angel cards, Fairy, Earth Magic, animal spirit/totem cards or other elementals. Bring as many decks as you like!
  • You may also wish to bring a notepad and pen. 
    • Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided but please bring your own lunch, alternatively there are cafés and shops within 5 minutes walking distance from my home.
    • Please arrive between at 9.45am to get settled in before the 10am start


    £20. You can pay via Paypal or pay in cash if you are local to me. You must pay in advance as I cannot hold your place open without payment - thank you!

    18 April 2020

    If you need any further information, contact me now on: 07791 287 240

    Terms & Conditions/Cancellation Policy: You will receive a 100% refund if you cancel more than 30 days before the course. I cannot offer a refund if you cancel within 15 days of the course, however, you are welcome to transfer your payment to any future course. 

    Emma Tarot training courses are hosted by Genius Ltd.